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Photography, Art, Cars, TV & Movies, Comics, Computers, Pokemon and more!

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About Me

Born and raised in Thames, New Zealand - still living within an hour and a half drive from there in Hamilton. 

What am I doing?  Working full time, raising 3 girls with my wife of 20+ years.  Not getting enough exercise, not getting enough sleep and finding there's always something else on the list of things to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can, just below, see 'contact me'.

Good answers require good questions.

Well, really there are.  This is one.  And once people start asking me questions below, then I can start populating this section with those...  especially if I get some that are frequently asked.

It's a placeholder really.  Likely to be replaced in time.

I do, yes. I even tolerate it on pizza.  Would I put pineapple on a pizza if I were making it?  No!  But hey, if one is made and it happens to have pineapple on it, why not?

Well, sometimes it's so I can look the cashier in the eye as I'm making the order and see if they realise, if they do and look confused then 'yay!'.  If they do and smile about it, bigger 'yay!'.  Plus, I really don't like sauce on burgers, really, really don't when it's BBQ sauce.  But nuggets, they need sauce and somehow BBQ is the one to go for.


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